Kids in the Know: Healthy Relationships For students in high school

The following videos are part of the Kids in the Know: Healthy Relationships lesson for high school. Dr. Michael Salter, a criminologist from Australia, takes us through topics such as boundaries, sexual consent, stereotypes, and healthy versus unhealthy behaviours in relationships.

Safe Personal Boundaries

4 minutes

Do you know why personal boundaries are key to your protection? Watch this video to learn what our crime expert Michael has to say about it.

Child Sexual Abuse

4 minutes

What is child sexual abuse? Did you know it can also happen online? Learn more as Michael discusses this topic.

Spot the Red Flag Behaviours

5 minutes

Do you think you would know if someone was trying to control you? Learn from Michael about how to identify control tactics.

Boys and Stereotypes

7 minutes

Michael bluntly puts it all into perspective in this video, discussing the societal stereotypes around male sexuality and how it can affect relationships with our partners.

Sexuality and Healthy Boundaries

5 minutes

Girls and sexuality — where do you draw the line with people? Watch this video as Michael explains why it is important to know yourself and your hard NO in relationships.

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What is Sextortion and How to get Help

More and more teens are being sextorted online, but what is sextortion anyway? Watch these videos that discuss everything from warning signs to ways you can get help if you’re being pressured to share nudes online.

What Is Sextortion?

28 seconds

How Does it Happen?

48 seconds

What Should You Do if This Happens to You?

60 seconds

What to Do if You’re Being Sextorted

34 seconds

Case Study

2 minutes

Lost control of a sexual image or video online? There is help. Visit to learn more.