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Kids in the Know is the Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s national safety education program. The program engages students with interactive activities to help build skills that increase their personal safety and reduce their risk of victimization online and in the real world.

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The Canadian Centre for Child Protection celebrates 30 years of helping families

Special honours being given to the Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mrs. Laureen Harper for their dedication to the protection of Canada’s children.

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Put safety in their treat bag - Buddies make Halloween a little less scary

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Reducing Cyberbullying and Exploitation among Teens in Canada

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection launched two new educational modules for teachers to help address the growing issue of cyberbullying among teens. Mrs. Laureen Harper joined the Canadian Centre to launch the new educational initiative to help stop cyberbullying.

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Education Modules Addressing Sexual Exploitation, Technology and Bullying

In the last few years, Cybertip.ca has seen a marked increase in reports from youth ranging from 12 to 17 years of age. Recognizing the diverse and complex nature of this issue and our role in protecting children from online sexual exploitation, our organization is developing two new educational modules focused on addressing sexual exploitation, sexual violence, technology and bullying among youth.

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Assisting Schools in Responding to the Impact of Sexting Incidents on Youth

The significant increase in the number of reported cases of youth creating, sending or sharing sexual images and/or videos with peers is an increasing social problem. Acknowledging the challenges schools and families face in responding to self/peer exploitation, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection has created a new resource guide.

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Preliminary Findings Provide New Insight into the Crime of Online Luring

A recent increase in media coverage of luring cases in Canada and abroad has garnered the public’s attention and brought the issue of online child sexual exploitation to the forefront of Canadians’ concerns. The Canadian Centre for Child Protection has undertaken a study to enable it to provide greater insight into this crime, as well as ways to better protect children.

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