The Kids in the Know safety program is designed to empower children and reduce their risk of victimization. It is an innovative program that identifies risks as they relate to the sexual exploitation and disappearance (runaways and abductions) of children. Using techniques to help children and youth identify high risk behaviors and practicing assertiveness skills, it combines interactive lessons with activities to help give children the tools to keep themselves safe.

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection offers training to educators who plan to introduce the program to their students. Training includes:

  • An overview of sexual exploitation
  • Current trends, research and statistics on victimization
  • case studies
  • How to successfully implement the program at any grade level

Presentations are given in half day and full day sessions.



According to a recent study by Media Awareness Network, 94% of children now have Internet access in the home and spend on average between 26 and 68 minutes on line each day depending on their age. In order to help you as a parent/guardian optimize your child's safety while he/she is online, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection offers parent presentations on Internet safety. The presentation includes:

  • Current trends, research and statistics on victimization
  • case studies
  • Risks on the Internet
  • Overview of sexual exploitation
  • Internet safety strategies


Kids in the Know offers interactive and dynamic presentations to students. These are age-appropriate for all grade levels, adaptable, and reinforce the safety strategies and lessons taught by following the KIK safety program. Presentations may include:

  • Free Safety Sheets
  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • A video
  • Interactive activities and role playing

Presentations last from 45 minutes to an hour.


For more information or to schedule training, contact us at 204.945.3534.

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